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Student Residences are operated and maintained by a professional manager. The investors and the operator sign a commercial lease. The rental income generated by the operation of the residence is transferred on a quarterly basis by the operator.

Individual studio, T1, T1 bis or T2 apartments

The offer of new housing in student residences is mainly made up of studios, studettes or single rooms of 18 to 20 m2, or T1 or T1 bis.

The T2 includes a main room, a bedroom and a separate kitchen.

The surfaces, although very small, are perfectly arranged and decorated according to the tastes and codes of the young generations.

Each unit is rented fully furnished.

While the student services residences offer common rooms such as a kitchen or a cafeteria, each unit is equipped with a kitchenette or equipped kitchen, a shower room and benefits from an internet connection.

T3s, T4s and T5s designed for shared accommodation

Some student residences offer apartments ranging from T3s to T5s for students who wish to live in shared accommodation and who wish to benefit from a more spacious living space thanks to the common areas.

These accommodations take into account everyone’s need for privacy.

They are rented furnished, with modular spaces that can be adapted to different types of people.

While they were originally intended for students, they can evolve towards other targets, particularly single forty-year-olds who are increasingly in need of this type of housing.

A secure and reassuring environment

The first place for young people to live outside the family environment, the residence with student services appeals to parents who want to know that their child is in a secure environment.

The accommodation, common areas, bicycle room or parking lot are generally accessible thanks to an electronic device.

A manager supervises community life and provides maintenance, while some residences have a reception desk.

Services to make daily life easier

Most of the student service residences offer linen care solutions.

These are generally laundries with self-service washing machines and dryers available to tenants.

Cleaning of common areas is also included.

Tenants can also opt for a cleaning service for private areas.

The residence can also offer breakfast.

Variable equipment depending on the residence

The equipment available in the student services residences varies according to the possibilities offered by the building and the manager’s offer.

Student residences generally have a gym, parking spaces, a meeting room, collective or individual work spaces, mail distribution and can offer a small household appliance borrowing service.

Secure rentals

Student residences are operated by experienced managers with whom the investor signs a long-term commercial lease.

This operation gives them real visibility and relieves them of all the tasks related to the direct management of the property: selection of tenants, optimization of vacancy periods, management of unpaid bills, signing of leases, maintenance of the premises, etc.

The commercial lease gives the manager an obligation of result towards the investor and the return is higher than a classic residential property.

An investment with advantageous tax conditions

Advantageous tax status.

Investing in a residence with student services offers the investor the opportunity to take advantage of different tax regimes such as :

– rental in Furnished Non-Professional Residence (LMNP): the investor can choose this status when the amount of his annual income is less than or equal to €23,000 and represents less than 50% of his overall income.

This tax regime also allows the recovery of VAT

– Professional Furnished Rentals (LMP): it is suitable for investors whose annual income is above €23,000 or whose income represents more than 50% of their total income.

They can recover VAT and deduct their management expenses from their profits.

– the Micro-BIC scheme: when the amount of annual revenue is less than or equal to 76 300 €, the investor can opt for the micro-BIC scheme for a two-year minimum commitment.

He then benefits from an exoneration or exemption from VAT and a simplified accounting.

Finally, his rental income benefits from an annual flat-rate allowance of 72% which takes into account the expenses attributable to the management of his investment.


Tax reduction

Investing in a student services residence offers the advantage of being able to reduce your taxes while optimizing your assets.

In France, for example, investors in the student residence market can benefit from the advantages of the Censi-Bouvard tax system.

This tax scheme allows an investor with LMNP status to benefit from a direct income tax reduction of 11% of the total investment excluding furniture, including notary fees.

This reduction is capped at €300,000 before tax.

It can take into account several acquisitions in the same year for the same tax household.

The amount of this reduction is spread over 9 years.

When the balance of the tax to be paid is in debit, it can be carried forward over the following 6 years.


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