Student housing glossary

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All-inclusive bills

A bill that covers all charges of internet, electricity, heater, and more.

These bills however do not cover laundry services.


Contents Insurance

An agreement which states that if any asset or amenity in the housing, if not broken or damaged by the student, needs to be fixed by the housing company or partner.

Cooling-off Period

A cancellation window, during which the student is allowed to cancel their booking for accommodation without being responsible for finding a replacement.

If a student cancels during this window, they may also be eligible for a refund on their booking, depending upon the policies of the contract.



Rooms that provide amenities for and accommodate two students per room.

These rooms usually have twin beds, one shared washroom, and other facilities meant to be shared between the two students.



A bedroom that has an attached washroom dedicated to the owner’s sole usage is called an ensuite.

License to Occupy

For University-owned and managed properties, this document outlines the residency terms and conditions, laying out regulations of what can and cannot be done in the housing.

This document is not relevant to any other partners.


Partner Property

Properties that are owned and managed by a company as opposed to a single landlord or the university.

The partner takes care of the contract, management, and all other nitty-gritties related to student housing.

Private Lettings

This term talks about apartments, flats, or shared houses that are owned by private owners and not a university or any organization.

Private Lettings usually lie in residential areas of the city or the town.



A student housing facility that does not provide food services and the student has to manage their meals on their own.


A bedroom meant for one student.

These are usually two or three rooms in one suite, each occupied by one student.


A small apartment meant for one or two students, with a bed or sleeping area, a kitchenette with basic facilities, a bathroom, and a study area with a desk and a chair.


Tenancy Agreement

A contract or agreement between the landlord and a student, made for a private property that the landlord is renting.

These contracts do not apply to university-owned student housing facilities.


Rooms that provide amenities for and accommodate three students per room.

These rooms usually have three single beds, one shared washroom, and other facilities meant to be shared between the three.



Student accommodation that is owned by a University on a contract or permanent basis, such that the agreement is signed between the student and the university with no moderator in between.


Basic amenities required by a student to live in any accommodation, such as electricity, water, gas, and more are termed as utilities.
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