Conversions Strategies

ROD Student Housing has had a long-standing, collaborative relationship with ROD Development and our other divisions like ROD Seniors & ROD Hotels, to assist our clients to turn unprofitable assets into businesses that will fill a gap in the market that is caused by factors such as the pandemic, economic crashes and so on.

Such synergy amongst our divisions allows us to be cost-efficient and deliver extraordinary results in conversion.

Struggling Real Assets: Converting My Business Into A Student Housing, Or My Student Housing Into Other Businesses.

Many clients with underperforming and cost heavy assets, or assets that lack the management that leads to successful exploitation of the business, have chosen ROD Investments when they needed reliable partners.

In times of uncertainty, where consumer demand is going through ups and downs, such as the COVID – 19 pandemic, the capacity to adapt is primordial, and sometimes this adaptability with synonymous to changes and conversions.

Therefore, we strive to safeguard our clients who want to convert their Student Housing into other businesses, and vice-versa.

With a deployable, well-thought-out repurposing strategy to navigate the unknown student housing business can be converted into a revenue generator such as a high yield senior housing facility or family apartments, just like dormant office properties can be converted into student housing.

We believe our teams are masterful in solving a wide range of regulatory hiccups as well as refining business models even the ones that are held back by above-board or KPI constraints.

Our clients can benefit from the level of expertise unlocked by our ROD Student Housing specialised in repurposings by collaborating with our stand-alone, yet synergy-rich divisions i.e. ROD Seniors, ROD Medical, ROD M&A and many other divisions.

Conversion Strategies In Adverse Times

A couple of such examples that prove we walk the walk too is where we converted a student housing into senior home in a prominent location all while pulling in resources from other divisions to maintain and even improve all the ROCEs.

A hotel that was converted into a student housing as the fall in tourism in the region due to COVID-19 had adverse effect on the business.

The strategy of the repurposed model was to turn the rooms into long-term occupied beds that will stabilize the income and minimize the fixed cost.

Helping Clients See A Long-term View Of Assets Under Development

Real estate projects while under development offer a wide variety of options of conversion, but a minor error can sometimes cause piling up of undeniable costs in terms of money and time at the time of further conversion to the property.

We comb through the haystack and evaluate all the regulatory, technical or financial and other aspects of development and document the details for our clients and form a strategy to uplift the economic returns/yield on the project.

Specialists for every situation

Rodschinson Investment is your trusted investement partner to make the smartest possible move whatever is your current situation.

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